Less is more! How to plan a simple wedding

© David Stubbs
© David Stubbs

For many people, a wedding is a chance to go all out – lots of glitz, lots of glamour, and include every bell and whistle you can imagine.

But what if that really isn’t your style? What if you want something quieter, more modest and refined?

A simple wedding doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the things you’d enjoy. If anything, a simpler wedding means you can draw more attention to them. We’ve put together some top tips for keeping your wedding simple and relaxed.

Deciding on what’s important

A simple wedding often just means avoiding a lot of the optional extras that come with a lot of weddings.

From additional decorations to entertainers or photobooths, there are lots of add-ons to a wedding that you might think are unnecessary. If you’re going for a simple wedding, you can opt to not include any of these things. The trick is to decide which parts of your wedding celebration are most important to you and accentuate those, instead of potentially distracting from them by having too much going on.

To decide on what you want to focus on, make a list of everything you want at your wedding and try to rank it by importance. Then, as a couple, work out what you absolutely have to have and what you don’t. This can help you to really shape and define what you want from your day, and work out just how simple your simple wedding can be.

Those elements that you see as being key and important are where your time, effort and budget should be directed. This might include making more of the typical elements of the wedding, such as the cake, DJ or wedding breakfast.

A simple wedding is often most effective when it does the expected, but does it really well. For example, instead of having big-statement decorations and a large sit-down meal, try doing something rustic and interesting like a hog roast. This is a simple and effective wedding meal, but it’s also a talking point. When done well, it can be a really memorable part of your wedding reception.

© Neil Parry
© Neil Parry

Elegant, stylish and refined

A simple wedding doesn’t have to be plain. You can use the fact that you’ve got fewer extras as an opportunity to really accentuate the rest of your wedding. This can be a really effective way of creating an incredibly elegant look and feel for your wedding celebrations, with the details you want to highlight to your guests appearing much more refined and attention grabbing because they are given much more of the spotlight.

From a stylish cake that grabs attention to simple and elegant table centrepieces, you can use your simple and more refined look to have statement pieces that grab your guests’ attention.

The trick is to make sure they fit naturally within your wedding. Your centrepieces, for example, could tie subtly into your colour scheme, but shouldn’t dominate the table making it hard for guests to see each other or talk.

A more handcrafted or rustic theme is perfect for a simple wedding. It helps to accentuate the simple and refined feel of the day, without sacrificing style. You could draw inspiration from more boho weddings if you wanted to add a handcrafted element to your day.

Does simple mean small scale?

There’s an assumption that a simple wedding needs to be small scale and stripped back. But this isn’t the case.

Simple can just mean focussed on the parts of the wedding you think matter. This doesn’t mean you should have a small wedding. However, if you do opt for a more stripped back wedding with a lot of guests, keep in mind that you might need to create a fantastic atmosphere at your reception to keep everyone engaged.

The right music and an amazing DJ could keep guests up and dancing all night. Meanwhile, the right venue can provide ambiance and plenty of locations for guests to drink, chat, dance and enjoy themselves, regardless of additional decorations.

Simple weddings work amazingly well with a smaller numbers of guests. This creates a closer more intimate atmosphere and the less-is-more approach helps to make sure everyone is focussed on the key elements that you want to draw attention to.

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© Delicious Photography
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Bringing your dream simple wedding to life

A simple wedding can still be beautiful and incredible, while also being more intimate and focussed on the important parts of the day.

To find out more about planning your perfect dream wedding, get in touch with our Dream makers using the form below.

If you’re interested in finding out more about your perfect dream wedding, get in touch with our Dream Makers using the form.