How to plan a wedding fit for a fairytale

Your vision for your wedding might touch upon lots of different themes – the fantastical, the luxurious, the romantic and drawing in influences from films, stories and beyond.

A fairytale wedding allows you to get as close as you can to a real-life Disney movie ending.

This is a really ambitious look to achieve with your wedding. So what should you keep in mind to make your own fairytale ending (your fairytale wedding), a happy and magical one?

© Neil Parry photography
© Neil Parry photography

Over the top

A fairytale wedding needs to be magical and slightly over the top. This should permeate everything, from what you wear, to your entrance at your wedding venue, through to your decorations and wedding reception.

If you want your wedding to be like something out of a fairytale it also needs to have an otherworldly quality to it. This means doing things that are slightly out of the ordinary or on a different scale to what people might expect.

For example, you might forgo the traditional wedding cake for a tower of smaller cupcakes. But you could work with a cake designer to make those cupcakes look like a number of smaller wedding cakes.

This sort of twist on expectation is perfectly suited for a fairytale theme, as it helps keep your guests engaged as nothing is quite what it initially seems.

Think about how you can add to parts of the wedding. For instance, as your guests arrive, stilt walkers could serve drinks to them, close-up magicians could wow them with card tricks, or they could be led through stunning scenery to where your ceremony is being held.

The perfect venue

Certain venues are better suited to a fairytale wedding than others. You should have a venue where the grounds around it and its interior helps to offset the magical look and feel you want.

Larger venues, for instance, give you more space to go all out and have plenty for guests to see and enjoy, from performers to fireworks displays. Country houses, halls and castles are all perfectly suited for this.

These venues look incredible on their own, but additional lights and decoration can help to accentuate the fairytale look and feel that accompanies them.

One thing to keep in mind is to check if you and your guests will have exclusive access to your wedding venue. If you won’t, guests from another function or event can potentially spoil the illusion and sense of grandeur you’re trying to create.

© Nick English Photography
© Nick English Photography

Focal points

A fairytale wedding needs to grab your guests’ attention with lots of different focal points. This can range from eye-catching features in your venue, which can provide amazing backdrops for photographs, to a stunning dancefloor with enough space for everyone to get up and dance.

You might want to include lots of other feature pieces within your wedding too, such as sweet trolleys, large centre pieces and elaborate floral arrangements. Filling your wedding with eye-catching details like this is ideal for making everything seem more magical and flamboyant.

Keep what you’re wearing in mind, however. If you’re having a fairytale wedding, regardless of how the venue is set up and everything else that is happening, how the couple looks is paramount. The day should be focussed on you, so your outfits need to catch attention. From a stunning, Cinderella-style wedding dress, to a gorgeous suit fit for Prince Charming, you need to grab just as much attention as the other details that make up the day.

© Paul Swift
© Paul Swift

Helping you find the perfect fairytale wedding venue

The right venue is the perfect starting point to plan your dream wedding. We have access to a number of stunning venues that can help bring your dream wedding to life.

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